Increase Chances of Auto Data Recovery of Office 2010

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Hello Readers:
Office 2010 is one of the best Word Processesing Suite. It has many features, regarding the privacy of your documents, prevention from data loss and many more...
Auto Recovery is a very known and useful feature of Microsoft Office, with the help of which you can keep your data safe from being lost due to th system crash, power failure. This feature automatically saves a temporary based copy of your document at certain time intervals. By default this time interval is set to be 10 minutes. Which is a long duration. 
Today Free Software Advisor will tell you how you can easily  change the Auto Recovery time interval. This is useful if you are having problems like load shedding, power failure due to any other reason, system crash or any other problem. 
To guide you through the whole process I'll be using Microsoft Word 2010, but the same options tab can be found in all the Microsoft Office Applications:

Just Click on the FILE tab on the left upper corner of MS-Word 2010, or 
Office Button of Ms-Word 2007 and click Word options

File > Options

Click on the save tab shown in the left dialog box, and be sure to check the checkbox of "Save AutoRecover Information" as shown in the image below.
Here you can choose the time interval, how often you want Ms-Word to save a temporary copy of your document. 

My Words: 
Don't Choose too small interval, make it 2 or more minutes. Because with this 1 minute interval while working on the large documents it may slow down your computer. Because while working on the large documents and saving your documents every 1 minute will cost your computer in terms of slow processesing.

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