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Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Hello Readers:
It's most critical situation for all. when we lost some of our most important data just because of accidental delete or power failure or any other hardware/software failure. But now there is no need to worry about it. We can backup our data online for free. Absolutely free of cost. IDrive provides you with an online backup service. 
The service is very fast and offers a decent desktop client and an explorer plug-in for quick file/folders backup.
IDrive keeps your deleted files for near about a month (30 Days) and it can also backup files after every 10 minutes
Using this service you can store data upto 2 GB for free of cost, try out all the features of IDrive. you can also get extra 10 GB space absolutely FREE. For this you only need to refer your email contacts.

Getting Additional 10 GB free  
1. Sign in to go to upgrade account.
2. Click Refer IDrive to your friends.
3. Give any of your email address and password to IDrive (which is absolutely secure). Make sure you have more than 5 contacts in your contact list of that email address.
4. You'll immediately get the additional 10 GB of free space. For the confirmation you'll receive an email.

Enjoy your huge FREE 12 GB (2+10GB) of online backup account!

Get Free Online Backup space at

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