Create Windows 7 Start Orb in Photoshop"Start Button Tutorial"

As customization is always loved by everyone, everyone wants his/her things to be unique, beautiful and attractive. That's why at SoftwareWanted we regularly include articles related to Desktop Customization. In today's post we are focused to "How to Create Windows 7 Start Orb in Photoshop". This the Easiest and Quick Photoshop Tutorial to create Start Orb "Own Customized Start Orb". Following this Photoshop Tutorial everyone can "Design Windows Start Orb/Button" in less than 20 minutes.

Let's Begin The Creation!

Create Windows Start Orb

A Quick & Easy Photoshop Tutorial

Block Unauthorized access from Hard Drive

You might have important file and documents in your hard drive, and you want to protect these from the unauthorized access. There are two ways using which you can block the unauthorized access from your important files and documents. You can lock them using some file lock utility, and the other way is to move all those files in a single partition and just hide the partition so that know one could ever guess about your files.
Here is a little trick that I'm sure most of the users are not aware of.

Download File Convertor PDF tp JPG

Reading and Sharing documents over the internet has now become a necessity, for this purpose the most widely used format is PDF.  There are many online freeware apps available for viewing the PDF documents. Although, not all PCs will have a PDF reader installed.

To save your time and I recommend you to convert your PDF file into JPG format. PDF To JPG is a free windows application that quickly converts PDF documents to image formats like JPG, TIF, BMP, PNG and GIF. Users are able to customize DPI and Page Range in conversion setting........
Download Link Available at Software Wanted

Double the Memory of your Memory Card

Wow this is really possible when i was searching for some hacking stuff online. i saw a post where people want to try whether this crack is really working or not. But they are not aware of it so they don't want to take risk. And they didn't even mention what the application is and from where it can be downloaded and etc. So i spent half day for searching the application here and there and finally got the crack in a small forum. So i was in a confusion that will this work or not. I just cant trust it and go blindly so i scanned it in all circumstances and started to convert the card. I was shocked when i completed the process of the application. I was amazed seeing my 1 GB memory card to 2 GB and all the data can be copied according to 2GB size. So just want to give this application to all our friends.
Download the Application HERE (Software Wanted)

Fences: Manage Desktop Scattered Icons

Are you one of the users who like to keep most of their useful and important files right on their desktops. If you are one of them then you will are definitely aware of how hard it is sometimes to manage these scattered files on a small desktop just for the sake of quick launch accessibility.

 With Fences you don't have to worry about managing the population of icons on your desktop anymore.

Fences is a very handy small but extremely useful application that allows you to arrange the icons in categories without creating folders.
Click Here To Download Fences

Wanted Wallpapers: Download High Resolution Wallpapers

I Got a 30,000+ Job Offer (fresh graduate)

Today I got a job offer at my email ID, the job for which i haven't applied, I tried to ignore that but the salary offered and the fringe benefits really were too good to be true….
Here is the email that i received from
Dear Job Applicant
It is to inform you that after receiving your resume, your name has been selected by our company on following parameters:
Company Name: SingTel (One of the largest telecom Singapore Company now introducing their business centers in Pakistan)

Create Animated Images (MS GIF Animator)

Want to create a simple animated GIF to use as forum Avatars? Here's a free tool from Microsoft which was released a long time ago for Windows 95 but is still useful till this date.
Tested working on Windows 7 machine :)
1) First prepare individual images that you would like to use to create your final animation. You'll have to crop/resize them to the same dimension and save as GIF format first. (Using software such as Paint.NET to do so)
In this example I'll use the 5 pictures as shown above
2) Launch Microsoft GIF Animator and click 'open' (Button A below), start with the last file in the series (in this case 5.gif). Proceed to use 'insert' (Button B) a couple of times to import the remaining images. You may use the toolbar buttons to reorder your images if you want.
     microsoft gif animator 1
3) After that click 'select all images', enter the pause duration between each frame and finally click 'Play' to preview your animation. When you're satisfied, click 'Save As' to save your final GIF animation. See the screenshot below that highlights sequence of the buttons to be pressed.
You're done!
P.S. If you want to the animation to loop forever, go to the 'Animation' tab and check 'Looping' -> 'Repeat Forever'.
Here's the final product:
D.Link::::: Microsoft GIF Animator

New Gadgets: Blogger Stats, Popular Posts

If you haven’t add any new gadget to your Blogger blog lately, then you have not seen the two newly added gadgets yet.  Blogger added two new gadgets that you can add to your blog to  show your readers stats from your blog: the Blog’s Stats and Popular Posts gadgets. 

Blog’s Stats Gadget

The Blog’s stats gadget displays total pageviews of your blog. The gadget comes in different styles and also features an optional sparkline graph.

Popular Posts Gadget

The Popular Posts gadget helps your readers quickly find out which of your posts have been viewed the most by your readers. The gadget also comes with several different styles and configurations.

Add Animated Charts to your PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint offers a variety of charts and graphs that you can add to your presentations. These charts will mostly appear as static images on your slides though you can use PowerPoint’s built-in animation tools to add some movement and interactivity.
For instance, if you have have added a bar chart on one of you slides, you may apply custom animations to the chart such that each of the bars appear on screen with a fade or, say, a wipe. This support page has more details on how you can animate charts in PowerPoint.
Animated Charts Wizard
Animated charts, if done well, can help you grab the attention of your live audience. With PowerPoint, you can add some basic animations to your charts but the workflow is not as easy as you would like it to be.
If you are therefore looking for an alternate charting tool that’s more intuitive and one that can generate impressive animated charts but in considerable less amount of time, try oomfo.
Oomfo is a free plug-in that lets you create Adobe Flash based animated charts right inside your copy of Microsoft PowerPoint. It supports all the recent versions of Microsoft Office including Office 2010.
It uses a simple wizard – choose a chart type, type the data into the wizard (or you can copy-paste cells from Excel) and it will then insert the chart into your current PowerPoint slide as a Flash (SWF) object. You can place the chart anywhere on the slide or even resize it just like a regular image based chart.
What you see above is a video of a sample PowerPoint chart that was created using Oomfo.
The chart animation plays as soon as the slide appears on the screen and then you can use your mouse pointer to highlight the various data points, something which is not that easy to accomplish in standard PowerPoint.
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