How to Make Password Protected MS-Office Confidential files

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Hello Readers. Today FS-Advisor brings you a small but very informative tip. How you can make your MS-Office files password protective.
This is the latest and high level of protection offered by Microsoft for its valued users of Microsoft Office 2010.
You can assign password to your Ms-Office documents within no time. Without entering the set password no on can be able to view or edit your files. It is a safety measure provided by Microsoft to protect your confidential files and data from copying or editing.

Under the FILE tab click INFO and then click on PROTECT DOCUMENT. Move to the ENCRYPT WITH PASSWORD and click that option.

 A new window will be opened. enter you desired password. and there you are.
You document is fully protected. Now save your document and to reopen your document you'll have to enter a password.
Try this yourself....

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