Lock Google Chrome Tabs: Chrome Lock Extension "block access to chrome tabs via password"

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Hi Readers:
Free Software Advisor is a platform where you can have updated information to make you browsing more secure and private. Today I am going to tell you a TIP to make your browsing safe, using this tip you can lock your GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER. This will make sure that your browsed pages might not be closed or altered by someone else, even if you leave your system open for some time.

Many time it happens that while browsing the net we open some important content and on the same time we have to leave our computer for a while. During that time some one else may come and use our computer and closes or changes the pages that we don't want to close. After this we'll have to search in our browser history or our concerned pages. But Free Software Advisor has an appropriate solution for this problem. If you are a Google Chrome user then feel free to leave your computer even if you are doing something important on the net. Google Chrome will not let other to close/browse through your open pages using Chrome Lock extension.
Yes! Chrome Lock extension is a very useful application of Google Chrome Browser.
How To Use This Extension?
Step 1 & 2: 
Step 3:
Step: 4 & 5

Step: 6
Step: 7
Once you have installed this Chrome Lock Extension, you'll have to restart your browser to activate that installed chrome lock extension. Once you restated your browser Repeat the step 1 and 2 
Now you'll see Chrome Lock Extension installed: Click Options
Step: 8
Once you clicked options button: you'll be prompted to enter a security password.
Step: 9
Now press CTRL+SHIFT+L to lock your Google Chrome Page.Once you pressed CTRL+SHIFT+L your page will be restricted from further editing/browsing. Your page will be locked at the position where it is.
Step: 10
Press CTRL+SHIFT+L again to unlock the page. you will be asked to enter the password to unlock. Enter the password that you set in step 8.

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