Complete System Information: Piriform Speccy

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Hi Readers:
Piriform is a platform for free softwares. Piriform creates software for you computers to make them faster, secure and more productive. The piriform created award winnig softwares for you and all of these created softwares are compatible with Microsoft Windows 7. 
Earlier Free Software Advisor brought to you a Free Data Recovery Software, this software efficiently recovers data from the damaged disks and formatted disks.

Today Free Software Advisor brings another free and handy tool for you. This is a light weight and efficient tool for your systems. This software tells you the complete details about your computer system. Piriform Speccy is designed as an electronic sticker containing the complete details about computer system specifications. 
Some of the general informations may be found by just right click on MY-Computer and then properties. But Piriform Speccy is a free software designed to provide you the detailed statistics about every piece of your computer hardware.

This software provides you the complete and detailed information about your system. It gives information about your CPU; The CPU details include

Cores, Threads, Name, Code Name, Package, Technology, Specification, Family, Extended family, Model, 
Extended model, Bus speed, Rated Bus speed, Stock core speed etc...
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