Facebook Themes: Install Themes to your Facebook Pages

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Hello Readers:
Do you want to apply themes to your face book pages? Feeling this difficult?? In comparison to Orkut, Facebook doesn't provide you any option to customize pages. Free Software Advisor introduces you to a useful Facebook application  "CahmeleonTom". Using the Facebook free application ChameleonTom you can easily customize your Facebook pages. This is a free and easy to use application. Using this application you easily can apply themes to your Facebook pages.

How to Install themes to your Facebook Pages.
Download ChameleonTom
Step: 1
Install the downloaded plugin to your system. It only works on Internet Explorer or Firefox. Install the application.
Step: 2
After the installation process is finished you will be asked to choose the theme out of the available theme collection of ChameleonTom application.
Step: 3
Once you installed the selected theme: you'll be asked to login to your Facebook Account
Step: 4
you have to allow the application ChameleonTom on your Facebook account.
Step: 5
Thats all: Enjoy the Facebook theme on your account. Checkout mine.....

One Bad News for Google Chrome and other browser users:
This application only works Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox

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