Remove Duplicate Files from system; DUPER: Free Duplicate File Removal Toll

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Hi Readers:
As all of us use our computers daily and download/copy/save file from different sources. We save lots of files in our system. Mostly it happens that same files get copied to more than one location. It results in large scale consumption of Hard Drive Memory. To locate and remove such duplicate content manually from your computer system is a very difficult task to perform.

Free Software Advisor brings an effective and light weight tool for this purpose: DUPER. DUPER is a free application and it requires Java Runtime Environment to be pre-installed on you computer system. If you computer system doesn't have Java Runtime Environment installed on your system Get it here.
Duper is completely free tool, and is an efficient duplicate file removal tool.
Click to Download JRE (Java Runtime Environment)
Click to Download DUPER

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