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Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Hello Readers:
Twitter is one of the most growing networking site of recent era. It is on of the most feasible place to get traffic to your blog or website. But if you have a very low number of followers it might be difficult for you to attract traffic to your blog. If you want to send your tweets to more users, it is problem No More.
Tweet to Email is an online service using which you can send your tweets email IDs of several users even if they are following you on Twitter or not. 
You can send your tweets directly from twitter to your contacts e-mails who use or don't use twitter.

Tweet Right into E-maiils

1:  Logon to Tweet to E-mail 
2:  Create Group It's easy! Simply create new group and select hash tag for group from the drop down box
3:  Add Contacts  Add or import the emails of your contacts who you wish to send your Twitter updates to their emails
4:  Tweet to Emails Add Group's hash tag to your tweet to send your tweet automatically into the email inbox of your contacts in the group

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