How to Change Windows 7 Logon Screen

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Hello Readers:
Almost all utilities available to change Windows 7 logon screen have one thing in common. They are all portable utilities. If you have a huge collection of applications, then finding your tool to change the logon screen is a tedious task. Here I recommend to you integrate change logon screen option to desktop context (right-click) menu so that you can change the logon screen quickly without any trouble.
Logon Screen tool is an application for Windows 7 that integrates into desktop context menu. In other words, after installing Logon Screen tool you will see Logon Screen option in desktop context menu along with Personalize, Gadgets and Screen Resolution options.
 Once you have installed this application on your machine, it integrates in right-click menu. Now just make a right-click on your desktop and select Logon Screen as shown on the image. You can easily change the logon screen of you machine.
Download Logon Screen Changer

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