Complete Log-on Sotware for Windows 7: Logon Workshop

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Courtesy: Intowindows
We have seen several free Windows 7 logon screen changers in the days gone by. But all these tools let you only change logon screen background and a few them let you change the text shadow effect. Here is a serious logon screen customization tool for power users to tweak almost everything that you can see in the logon screen.
Logon Workshop
Logon Workshop
Logon WorkShop is a serious logon screen customizable tool for Windows 7 to customize every part of logon screen. That is, you can change button size, accessibility button location, other button placement, margins, user tile width & height, background overlay, text color, shadow and more.
Logon WorkShop for Windows 7
Windows 7 Logon Workshop
This is a perfect logon customization tool for advanced Windows 7 users as one can personalize almost everything related to Windows 7 logon. Please run this tool as administrator. Thanks to Dejco for creating this wonderful tool for Windows 7.
Please read the guide provided in the pack before using this tool.

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