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Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Hello Readers:

Today I found some interesting tools to chat with your face book friends without going to You'll not have to open to your facebook account.
let me share with you, how you can chat without opening Facebook. I found the awesome free websites for chatting. There are three Web Based Tools for Chatting without Opening Facebook.
1. Chat on Facebook inside the browser
  • If you use the Google Chrome , you can open the Facebook chat from this link : Click here
  • In case of IE users try Gabtastik. this is a minimal desktop client that used for Facebook and send you notifications of new chats.
Meebo is another tool for chatting and offered the web based instant messaging servies, It is supported Facebook Yahoo, Msn, Orkut etc In case of Facebook, you can sign in without opening the and chat with your friends. In my university , facebook, Irkut, Yahoo or Msn messengers are blocked. So, this Meebo helps you to keep chat from website.
ChitChat is another web based IM. It's tabbed window to make it easy for you to talk. it's will show notifications in the tray. It's look like same yahoo, Msn or Gtalk.

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