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Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Do you love playing the old classical mind games? Do you prefer the classical games over the new 3D games? Google Chrome brings an exciting Chrome extension Jc-Tetris. By installing this extension on your Google Chrome you can play the old Tetris game on you Google Chrome Browser, even you are Offline.
Js-Tetris is a way to relax you on your browser when you need a break from your hectic routine work.

Once you installed this extension. You'll see a new "Js-Tetris Tool bar button" just beside your Chrome Address bar s shown in image below. 

Click the JS-tetris tool bar button, a new chrome window will be opened.  You can Zoom-in the Game Window by pressing "Ctrl +" and Zoom out by pressing "Ctrl -" 

Whenever you finish/compete a game, you'll be asked to enter your name to be saved against your score. You can also skip/bypass this window by only pressing the Cancel button.

In short JC-Tetris is an enjoyable additional extension for Google Chrome users. The ability to pause the game and minimize it for playing later on makes this more awesome. 

Get it Here and have fun

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