Export All Facebook Friend's E-Mail Id

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Hello Readers:
Do you have a huge list of your Facebook friends? You want to Export the E-Mail address of your Facebook friends. There are some Hacks and Scripts available to pull out your friend's  contact information from Facebook, but using these hacks/scripts you might be banned from your account. Today on Free Software Advisor platform you'll learn how you can easily and legally extract the E-mail id of all of your Facebook friends.

For this Trick you must have a Yahoo account. If you don't have, Get it here

Goto address.yahoo.com. There you'll be asked to sign in to your Yahoo Account. Once you are signed in to your Yahoo account, A page similar to the image below will be opened.

Click on the Facebook icon. Then you'll be asked to enter your Facebook login and password

Then OK to Share With Yahoo.

Then click on the Tool > Export 

There you'll have to enter the visual security code.

Once you entered a correct Security Code, Click Export Now.

Thats All.

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