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Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Hello Readers:
To view your pdf files all of us use Adobe Reader. Today FSAdvisor will introduce you about a new and usefule alternate of Adobe reader. NUANCE is the well known name in speech recognition software, has also released its new software in competition with Adobe pdf Reader. NUANCE has released this software not only as a pdf viewer but it can also convert your pdf files to other formats which will allow you easy editing of that content.  
NUANCE pdf viewer is not only a simple pdf viewer platform, but on the same time this utility allows you to convert your desired pdf content into any other easy editable format. These output formats include MS Word 2007, EXCEL, MS Word 2003/RTF and WordPerfect etc... You can even change the language quality of th output file. 
NUANCE pdf viewer has also an extra and unique feature that Adobe pdf reader doesn't have. You can disable the javascript so that PDFs with some harmful javascripts may not be able to harm your computer system. 

To convert you pdf files into other formats you need to click on the Convert PDF button, then you'll be prompted the online converter of NANCE.
All that you need to do is to choose your desired output format and enter your e-mail id to which you want NANCE PDF to send your converted file. 
NANCE PDF also provides you another extra feature to its valuable users. Its the highlight option. While reading the pdf file you can highlight the important text, not with one color. This options provides you with different colors to highlight your text. 
The highlight button shown above allows you to choose from different highlight colors and ten you can highlight your desired text.
The most important feature of this software is its online and instant conversion. This is the basic reason of why you want the NANCE PDF reader. TRY this software and its free Conversion tool.

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