Secure Your Important Files.

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

I have a small trick to hide your desired folders in your PC. You can hide any of your personal folders/ important documents.
Just Follow the following steps and you can easily do it...

STEP 1 Click on Start menu and click run
STEP 2  Type cmd and click ok (as shown in pic)

STEP 3 (I created a test folder for this presentation)
type cd.. in command promt or the the drive path
as I have created a test folder in H: drive so

STEP 4 then type cd[space]folder name as shown in pic below

STEP 5 then type attrib +s +h +r folder name (want to be hidden) and press ENTER

Now the folder (named Test)is hidden. and no one can See you folder....
to unhide your folder you need to typy - instead of + as shown
After typing attrib -s -h -r Test the folder is again visible....

Following these steps you can easily hide/unhide your personal/important folders
To unhide the hidden folder you must remember the path and the folder name. Without folder name and path you'll not be able to see your folder

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