Create Shortcut Keys to Quickly Launch your desired program

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Want to be more productive with your PC. For being more productive shortcut keys play the vital role. It allows you to open your desired program within 1 second, without browsing to the destination folder. 

Creating shortcut keys for that program is the solution. Here question arises, how we can create the shortcut keys for our desired programs. 

FS-Advisor will guide you how to create shortcut keys for your desired utility. 
1: first of all you'll need to create a shortcut icon for your program. 
2: right click on the shortcut icon and click "Properties"
3: Then under the shortcut tab, in the shortcut box give you own shortcut key (don't forget to press Ctrl / alt)
4: Click "Apply then OK to" to save the changes.
5: Now try the shortcut keys to launch the program...ENJOY

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