Windows 7 Flame Theme

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Flame Theme for Windows 7
Flame Theme for Windows 7
Year : 2010 | 50 MB

Theme Includes:

*New icons
*new cursors
*A set of pure and fresh and beautiful eyebrow sweet sound
*high-definition flame wallpaper,
*transparent mouse pointer,
*Black Glass Enhanced v0.5,
*Comprehensive popularization transparency effect of flame, the start menu,
*The mouse slip outdated effect more alternative, absolute character creation,
*Hide button background separators,
*The effect of the window pane orthogonal flame borders,
*The size of the flame chic feel comfortable, buttons,
*In the basic theme of effect is outstanding,

1. Open the Theme folder. which you download
2. Drag both Flame.theme and the Theme folder to C:WindowsResourcesThemes

Mirror 1 :
Mirror 2 :

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