AutoSaver : Automatically Save The Files You Are Working On

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Most of the times it happens that you face some unexpected system reboots, power failure or shut down. This causes the loss of data yo are working on. Keeping this problem of you in view, We bring a solution to you. Using this freeware, portable application, you can automatically save any file after a small regular interval.
Earlier this option was only available in the MS-Office, but now using this software you can save any file which supports CTRL+S option.
This Portable freeware automatically presses the CTRL+S button after the time interval you want.
AutoSaver is a free portable tool that saves the file on which you are working after an interval of time that you can set. It works on all apps that support the hotkey CTRL + s.

How to Automatically Save The Files You Are Working On

  1. Run the tool.
  2. Click on the floppy icon in the system tray.
  1. Select the Save Interval from the list.
  2. If you want the tool to run everytime Windows starts up then select Run When Windows Starts.
  3. Click Hide to hide the tool.
 This will automatically press the CTRL+S button after time interval you set.

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