Record Calls While Talking on Voip & Skype

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Hello Readers:
Skype and VOIP are now a days being used by almost everyone to call their loved ones. It has cheap rates and great sound quality. many of you might be looking for the ways to record the conversations being done on these platforms. For this reason I found  a freeware that records the conversations over the Skype or VOIP, its MP3 Skype recorder.

MP3 Skype Recorder is a free program which automatically records all your Skype conversations (including conferences). It stores your conversations locally in files using compact and very popular MP3 format.
Main features of MP3 Skype Recorder:
  • It's absolutely free with no limits attached.
  • Automatic or manual recording capabilities.
  • Compact format of stored records (mp3 files).
  • May be used to record P2P, SkypeOut calls and calls made to Online number .
  • Capable to track simultaneous calls and to save them separately.
  • Easy integration with Skype Conference recording.
  • Intuitive easy to use interface.
Download Mp3 Skype Recorder (Free!)

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