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Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Hello Readers:
Now a days blogging is no more unknown to anyone. Keeping this in mind blogger has recently introduced the new option of sharing the post on other platforms. These blogger sharing buttons include Google buzz, Twitter and Facebook and the most important an email button also. Now you'll not hvae to go and edit the complex code of your templates to add these sharing buttons to your blog posts.


Adding The New Sharing Buttons
These new sharing buttons can now be installed by going to the Design > Page Elements page of your blogger account. Click "edit" under Blog Posts widgets

check "show share buttons" to enable the buttons.

Buttons will be appeared under each post your blog readers will find it easy to share your post via email, Blogger, and popular social networks—Blogger currently supports Google Buzz, Twitter, and Facebook, and planning to add more services in the future.

I recommend you to add these social sharing buttons by your self, because this option would be lot more better if more sharing options were offered.However for new bloggers, who are reluctant to edit HTML codes of their blogger templates this option is quite helpful and easy.

Adding Videos To Posts

Now with new toolbar of Blogger you can attach videos in your posts by just one click. Before this the new toolbar of Blogger didn't allow its users to insert videos in their post, to insert videos they had to shift to the old blogger toolbar. Now this new toolbar has been updated to upload your video onto your blog 
By clicking on the video icon show in the above image a new window will be opened asking to browse your computer to upload your favorite video onto your blog. 

New Actual Like Post Preview

The Blogger has also updated the post preview option. This new option of Post preview allows you to preview your post in actual format. The older post preview was unable to give you a complete and actual preview of your post this option lies under the New Post Composer.

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