Insert E-Mail Subscription Form Below Posts

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

This post is basically explaining the steps to insert e-mail subscription form below the post of your blog. This is a very simplified piece of HTML code with proper guidance. This e-mail subscription form will help your readers to easily subscribe to your blog. 
Final output will look like this one
 You can even change the color of the text box according to your blog color by changing rgb(100, 149, 237); from the Emial subscription code according to your desire.

How To Insert e-mail Subscription form Below Blog Posts

1:  Login to You Blogger Account
2:  Under the tab Design Click Edit HTML 
3:  Check the check box "Expand Templates Widgets"
4:  Find (Press CTRL+F to find <data:post.body/&gt;
5:  Now download the following code and copy/paste it below the <data:post.body/> (Step 4) piece of code. as show in the image below
Pink Highlighted code: Step 4
Blue Highlighted code: Step 5
6:  Replace the red color text with your feed name and blue color code with your Blog name
7:  Save! and ENJOY
8:  Preview your  blog template to check to check if there is any error in code. If you find errors, then repeat the whole procedure from step1 to last. 
If you have any problem in downloading the file or with the code, then please leave a comment.

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