Top 10 Free Web Applications For Business

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

In this collection, you will find excellent and free web business tools that will surely make your business work better. They are especially useful if you own a company and want to make it work faster, better and more secure. You may also find them useful if you’re freelancer that needs professional tools in order to work! Check them out and I hope that you’ll find here something for you!
Deferred Sender
Very simple and sometimes useful tool. It allows you to schedule emails to be sent in the future.
PDF to Excel Online
If you can’t afford expensive applications to convert your PDF files then there’s a great solution for you. This online tool enables you to convert PDF files to Excel or Word
This tool is similar to calendars available in professional applications. It allows you to manage your clients by speeding up your word-of-mouth publicity.

Team Spinner
Another tool that may speed up your work free of charge. It’s online collaboration tool with lots of custom options like groups, discussions, lists and custom structures for each of your projects!
Lovely Charts
That’s something you should definitely check out even if you’re not a business owner. It enables you to create lovely charts. You can choose from many different types of charts and once you create anything you can
Show Document
Useful tool that enables you to share your documents online. It has variety of options for different types of documents. It a good alternative to Google Docs.

Insta Calc
Instacalc is a very useful calculator that will help you to convert pretty much any type of data! Check it out!
Get Harvest
Excellent time tracking application. It’s very simple but at the same time quite powerful. Besides tracking time it enables you to track your expenses and keep an eye on your accounts.

Another well-built finance tool. It will help you to keep an eye on your money. With its help you’ll get to know where your money goes and how to save more!
Xe is a simple currency converter. It allows you instantly convert nearly all the currencies. It also enables you to check past conversion rates.

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