Browser's Fight: Google Chrome vs Opera

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Google has just released a video demonstrating the speed of the new beta of its Chrome web browser. Chrome continues to gain marketshare among tech savvy users. Speed has always been one of Chrome’s hallmark features and the latest beta really takes it to another level.

Google Chrome uses a JavaScript engine called V8 that has been developed in-house to be extremely fast. The latest version of V8, which is in the new Chrome beta, is reportedly 30-35% better than the last beta channel release. Google even notes that its overall performance with Chrome has improved between 213 – 305% when compared to the very first Chrome beta released back in 2008.
The video proved that rendering a web page in Chrome is faster than some random (though admittedly very quick) events, such as blasting a potato through a tube.

Opera’s answer to the Chrome Speed Test comes in the form of two very silly individuals, who are trying to determine whether loading a web page in Opera is faster than cooking a potato. We’re not going to tell you if Opera passed the test, but we do agree that fighting one another with fish is a great way to pass the time when you’ve got nothing better to do.

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