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Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Hello Readers:
Google Ad-sense is a free of cost service for bloggers to earn money by placing the relevant adds on your blog. Placing the Ad-sense adds inside the post can increase the click through rate. We can place add any where in our page using the Gadgets in Edit Layout option of Blogger. But this option does not let you to place adds between your blog posts. 
This can only be done by editing the blogger template code a little bit.

How To Place Adds Above Post
1:  Get your Ad-sense code from your ad-sense account.
2:  Now go to Layout > Edit HTML (check the check-box )
3:  Remember : Before altering the html code of template make its backup
4:  Now press CTRL+F and find
5:  Now copy the code below and paste it above the code you searches in step 4
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<div style='float:center;padding:5px;'>
Don't forget to replace the code in RED color with the code you got in step 1 (Ad-sense Code)
All is done.... 

Placing Ads above and below the blog post
If you want to place the adds at the top and below the text of your posts then you need to repeat the step 5 but this time paste the code below the code you searched in step 4.
This will place another add below the text of your post.
Now you'll behaving two Ad-sense add in your post 
one above the text of your post and the second below the text of your post.

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