MS-Excel: Change Columns to Rows Easily in few Mouse Clicks

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

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Welcome again to Free Software Advisor. Some time it happens that we are working on some research or any tabular data. Most of use MS-Excel to deal with tabular data. Many time it happens that we have entered a huge amount of tabular data in Excel. But after getting half of the work completed we realize that it would be better if we have entered the data in row vise or vise-versa. It would be really difficult to change the rows into columns after entering large amount of numerical data. Today at Free Software Advisor you'll learn How to change the numerical data from rows to columns or vise-versa. 
Transpose option is mainly used for this purpose. This options changes rows to columns/ columns to rows. 

I used my own created data for this picture tutorial of using transpose option. 
Now if we wish to change the above two rows into columns: Just select the cells you wish to convert. Copy these cells or Simply press Ctrl+C to copy the selected cells, as shown in the image below.
 Once you copied the cells; right click on the cell you wish to paste your data into rows and click Paste Special (and select the highlighted option in red box) That highlighted option is names as Transpose Option.
Once you selected the Transpose option, the above data shown in columns will be converted to Rows.
 Or if you have done the double click on the Paste Special Option the window similar to the window below will be opened. There click (check) the check box of Transpose.

Your column entered data will be arranged into rows without any trouble, tension and it ust takes a few mouse clicks.

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