convet Windows Desktop into multi desktops as of ubuntu - Linux

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

As the processesing power of today's computers is increasing day by day, so the ability to multiple tasks on the same time like listening music, image editing, web browsing, preparing a project presentation. But in the case of Windows this is very messy because of a single desktop. But Ubuntu provides us with a multiple desktop option we can perform our tasks without any mess. We can easily switch from one to another.
Today at platform of Free Software Advisor you'll learn that you can do the same with Windows.
Convert Windows Desktop into Linux like multiple Desktops 
The above shown image is the multiple Desktop example of the Ubuntu, which by default provides you with the Multiple Desktop Option. 
But Windows Operating System provides us with a single Desktop option by default. Thus working in Windows OS on many windows becomes messy and confusing. Here is a good news for Windows OS users that Virtual Desktop Manager is a small application that allows the Windows Vist/Xp users to work on the multiple Desktops. 
The great thing about the Virtual Desktop Manager is that, it provides the minimum 1 desktop to Maximum 100 Desktops. Switching between the Multiple Desktops is vry easy task. You can even the change hotkeys according to your ease.
Enjoy! Download Free | Vista/Xp Desktop Manager

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