Add a Floating "Back to Top" button to your blog

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

 Hello Reader:
Welcome Back to Free Software Platform. Whenever after scrolling down to long deep pages, user wants to get back to top of the pager users have to click on the scroll bar located at the right side of the browser, but it's very annoying in case of long pagers. Today at this platform you'll learn How to Add a floating "Back To Top" button to your website or blog. This button will keep on floating on your page and users will find it easy to go back to top of the page by just clicking that button once.

Note: Do take backup of your template before you try this. 

Go to Layout > Edit HTML, click on Expand Widget Templates and add the below code before </head>:
<a style="display:scroll;position:fixed;bottom:5px;right:5px;" href="#" title="Back to Top"><img src=""/></a>

If you want to use any customized image then just replace the red color cod with the URL of your favorite image.
Now save your template and you are done.  

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