Copy from Different Locations and paste in one folder. Easily

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Hi Readers:
It is a difficult task to copy files from more then one folder at a time. If you want to manage your files in on folder from several locations you find it very difficult to copy your files one by one from different locations.

  FSAdvisor presents a freeware and portable utility for you. FileBucket. It allows you to copy files from several different locations at a time. Using this freeware you can Copy/Paste or Move files from several folders to one single location at a time.
This freeware consists of a single window, which allows you to select files from different locations. After you have selected your desired files from different locations on your disk, In right lower corner just above the process files button click the browse button to select your destination folder.
It is 100% free and easy to use software. Helps you to create a copy of your desired files from different locations and paste/move to one desired location.
Click to Download FileBucket

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