Secure your Personal Computers for free

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

The digital world has brought a great revolution in our daily life. The use of Personal Computers is very common in all the fields of life. But on the other hand the security of Digital data, threats of virus to computer is a major concern of every one.

We have to take certain measures of protection against security loop holes. In order to protect your personal computers, laptops from insecure wired/wireless networks, virus attacks etc... you might need an antivirus. All antivirus softwares are not free, you might need to spend a huge amount of money to ensure the protection of your precious data. Thus to protect your laptop and your v.imp documents, videos, photos, e-mails, e-books, assignments and projects etc... FS-Advisor Personally suggest you the following 2 free antivirus softwares. Both of them are very effective against viruses. and both of them are freewares.

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