Protect your PC without PASSWORD (via USB) : PREDATOR

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Protecting your PC with the help of passwords is an outdated fashion. Passwords can be broken, they can be hacked or even someone can Guess your passwords. Now Protect your PC without a password.  FS ADVISOR presents a software PREDATOR
PREDATOR is an easy to use security utility that protects your on going Windows session. 
> No need to log of
> No need to think and remember long and complex password. 
 PREDATOR locks your PC (no one can use it) even windows are in session. 
It just uses a simple USB "flash drive" as an access control device and works as described follow:
1: Insert USB drive  into usb port
2: Run Predator
3: Do your work and when you decide to leave your system for a while; remove usb. as the usb is removed, the keyboard and mouse connection will be disabled. and your screen will be disappeared.
4: When you return back to PC, all that you need to do is: Insert usb in usb port and start doing your work. Keyboard and mouse connection will be restored and screen will again in previous condition.
This utility offers the following features:
1. Alarm Options
2. Password Options
3. Language Selection
4. Update Check
5. Auto Start
6. Monitoring Options

Just Download and Install it. Installation process will guide you how to perform the procedure...I set 100 seconds ..It means after 100 seconds of removal my PC will be locked and It'll be restored instantly as i'll again plug-in my USB
You can also set password if you want.....
To download free edition CLICK HERE
or to choose among available different editions 
Visit [LINK]
Its fast and easy to use; It is a better option for you Lock your PC without any Password. Rather than retyping your password again and again you just need to insert your usb dive into port and your PC will be unlocked.

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