Post Your Blog Posts to Facebook: Automatically

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

 This post is basically for those who are new to blogging. and they want their posts to share on facebook for getting more traffic. For this purpose they might be posting links to their blog manually. but Now FS-Advisor brings a trick for all such bloggers. With help of this trick there will be no need to upload their posts manually on FaceBook.

RssGraffti is a Facebook application, that allows you to display your post on your Facebook wall automatically. This application auto publishes your blog content to your wall, every time you update your blog.
This application is very useful, I personally use this application.
Now Question comes, How to use this application.
1: Sign in to your Facebook Account
2: Under the application tab open RSS GRAFFTI APP
3: Choose your profile from the left column and then click "+ Add Feed" button in green color
4: In the feed url section: put your blog feed url, you can click fetch and preview , to quickly preview your blog feed.
5: Click the SAVE button and thats it....

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