MouseExtender : Launch Any Program Anywhere Anytime

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Shortcuts are very useful for doing you work in time and effectively. FS-Advisor brings another freeware for you to make you more productive and efficient in your work.
MouseExtender is a very easy to use free utility that allows you to open any program anywhere... No matter on which window you are working. With just two mouse clicks you can open any of your favorite / mostly used program any where.
All that you need is to unzip the file. and open it. Add your favorite programs, files, folders, or any thing to MouseExtender. and then you can open any of these programs anywhere. Just click the middle button of mouse and choose click on the program you want to open.

MouseExtender program looks like the above pic. to add your favorite programs/files/folders/web address into the window you need to right click in MouseExtender. and add whatever you want.

It provides three default shortcuts (icons shown on the bar)
1: Control Pannel
2: Restart System
3: Shut Down System
This is a very small, light weight and beautiful looking freeware application. That allows you to improve your productivity and saves your time. This is an extremely simple, easy to use and fully customizable program.
DOWNLOAD | MouseExtender
This application requires .net framework 3.5, If you don't have it
DOWNLOAD | .net framework 3.5SP1

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