Insert Quranic Verses (arabic) and Translation in Ms-Office with ease

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Giving Quranic references in your office documents was a problem. Now you can easily put the Quranic References in you any document along with its English/other translations. FS ADVISOR brings to you a free and useful MS_Office Add-In "Al Quran"
This program will add new menu "Al-Quran" on your microsoft word application.
You can insert any ayah of AL-Quran or its translation to your word document with ease
English Translation Package can be downloaded from here

For other languages like Indonesia, Malaya, German, Farsi etc.... Visit Here

NOTE: In OFFICE XP Al_Quran appears under the tab Add-ins
It is for Office version (2000,2002(XP) ,2003 version) or greather

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