Enable or Disable Desktop Preview feature in Windows 7

Posted by Faheem Mustafa

Windows 7 is greatly known among the users because of its new, amazing and very helpful features. Windows 7 looks a bit difficult to use for new users. For this purpose you may like it "21 Tips to Increase your productivity on Microsoft Windows 7"
Windows 7 has another awesome feature Desktop Preview feature".

As in image above, you can see the rectangular box in the lower right corner. What is it's functioning? Actually as you drag your mouse pointer on this box the window you are working on disappears. No doubt, its easy way to view the Desktop. But sometimes it becomes irritating due to unwanted disappearance of the working window. 
FS-Advisor suggests you its easy solution. 
Drag mouse pointer onto that box, make a right click. Uncheck the option "Peek at Desktop". Now your window will not be disappeared unless you make a click on that box.

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